I’m planning on creating a new Android app, which, while it may be useful, and MIGHT sell, will, if nothing else give me more experience writing Android and teach me how to create servers. Anyway here is a description so far:


Name: Morning Glory Alarm

Features: will work as an alarm like other alarms, but with the added feature that it will play a new and different melody every morning.
This is to deal with my experience of existing alarms which is that I’ve chosen a melody, but it’s the same every day (unless I do something) and the melody gets stuck in my head, which is annoying. Another feature my current alarm has, that does make sense, but I find annoying, is that once having turned off the alarm (which they’ve made difficult to do by making swiping unreliable–I guess so that a user is forced to wake up to deal with it) it sends an alarmed message that rings every minute until I tell it to stop. This could be a really good feature for people that have trouble staying awake, but I don’t have that problem, and it’s annoying.

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